Frio Vodka

Frio Vodka

Frio Vodka is a delicious vodka distilled seven times in San Antonio. Its smoothness is the perfect for your next cocktail!

There is nothing that represents Texas life, music and history more than Frio River of South Central Texas. Named by Spanish settlers, in the 1600s, “The Frio (meaning cold) River”. The constant flow and cool water of the springs with the purest of water used in our premium vodka. We produce this handcrafted product in small batch pot stills, which is more time consuming but meets the high standards of Texans. Distilling the vodka seven times, as opposed to the standard three, allows for the most pure liquid to be bottled; fresh and pristine just like the springs of the river. The Frio’s natural beauty, rich history and Texas culture are embodied in our product, so please give it a try. It would be our pleasure for Frio to be part of your good times for years to come.

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